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Solid State Relay

The solid state of matter is the major scientific topic of staff members of Solid State Section. This area covers the whole range of metals, semiconductors and insulators. Scientific activity ranges between experimental procedures, theoretical studies and technoological applications. Major categories include:
1. Electrical Measurements - 2. Electron Microscopy - 3. Optics - 4. Spectroscopy - 5. Theoretical Solid State Physics - 6. Physics Teaching and Media

" Solid State Spectroscopy

Staff offices are located on basement, ground floor and 2nd floor (east side), .
Teaching labs are located on basement (east and central of main building), while research labs are located on basement floor and ground floor (east and center).

Research Activity
Versatility and complex systems in Physics
Electrical Characterization & Design of Micro- and Nano- Electronic Devices (MiNED)
Growth and study of thin films and nanomaterials
Electrical Characterisation of Materials and Models
Synchrotron radiation: Applications in Materials Science
(FTIR), (UV/VIS) Spectroscopy
Atomistic modeling and simulation of quantum dots and wires
Optics, Optical information processing
AC electrical measurements for characterization of materials and devices
Thermal analysis of materials
Raman spectroscopy, IR absorption: Effect of high pressure on the optical properties of materials
Didactics in Physics and Educational Technology
Microstructure study of Materials with Electron Microscopy
Ionic conductivity - Li-ion solid state batteries
Magnetic materials: Growth and Study of physical properties
Theoretical Solid State Physics