School of Physics
Quality Policy

The quality policy of the Department of Physics is in accordance with the quality manual of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Its primary objective is the optimal implementation of the graduate program and is accomplished by setting specific objectives and analysing their fulfillment. Feedback from students and personnel is used to amend the objectives in regular time intervals in order to achieve a continuous improvement of the graduate program.

In particular, the Department of Physics follows a quality policy which ensures the academic profile of the graduate program, the scientific orientation (taking into account the fact that Physics is one of the fundamental sciences) and the strategic development, while specific actions are implied to achieve the main objectives which are:

  1. Graduates should acquire a high level of scientific knowledge and skills compared to the international standards.
  2. Graduates should acquire skills both in laboratory and theoretical aspects and possess introductory knowledge of research procedures.
  3. The implementation of scientific method as a toll for the development of new knowledge in Physics.
  4. Specialization in specific fields of interest as an introduction for future post graduate studies and/or future employment opportunities) and in didactics of Physics as preparation for teaching Physics in all educational levels.