Administration Office

The Faculty of Physics Administration Office is located on the first floor of the Department of Sciences Administrator Building which in turn is located in front of the Faculty of the Biology Department Building. The entrance is on the east side.

Office hours: Workdays, 8:30 - 15:30 preferably through phone or electronic messaging. If in person presence is necessary, an appointment should be scheduled between 10:30-12:00 (by phone: 2310998116 or by e-mail: Please turn on Javascript in your browser) and all health safety protocols in effect should be observed.

All applications to the Administration Office are to be submitted through the electronic services system (SIS) for students or the Citizen Service Centers (ΚΕΠ) via the governmental Gate and all documents issued are sent by e-mail.

Head of Administration Office
Lefkothea Vigli-Papadaki
Ilias Dorkas
Ioanna Gounari
George Kaimakamis
Maria Koufta
Kelly Tsirou
For issues concerning:
Undergraduate studies
+30 2310 998130-40-50
Postgraduate studies
+30 2310 998140-50
PhD studies
+30 2310 998140-50
Teaching and Technical Staff
+30 2310 998170-8116
Registar - Administration
+30 2310 998116
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