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Profile of the Programme

I. Objective and characteristics

The science and technology of materials has rapidly developed in the last 20 years at international level under the pressure of strong competition imposed by modern technology. The Science of Materials studies and develops the methods and technologies that are essential for the creation and growth of new materials, that is the subject of the high technology industry. It is an interdisciplinary sector of education and research, that includes the sectors of Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics and Biotechnology.

The Programme of Postgraduate Study (PPS) in Materials Physics operates in the Department of Physics of AUTH since the academic year 1995-96. Provides Postgraduate Diploma M.Sc., which can lead on to the acquisition of a PhD (Doctoral Diploma).

Main objective of the PPS in Materials Physics is to provide specialist executives in the field of Materials Science and Technology, which will strengthen the national scientific, educational and research base and will be absorbed by industrial institutions of Greece and the European Union.

Since 1998 the PPS in Materials Physics comes under the programme for Business Education and Initial Professional Training (SPECIAL TRAINING PROGRAMΜΕ) of the Ministry of National Education and Religion.

Characteristics of the programme:

Strong interdisciplinary character and extended opportunities for specialisation through collaboration with the Institute of Materials Science of NCSR "Dimokritos" and the department of Materials Science and Engineering of the University of Liverpool. There is also participation in teaching from other HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, research centres and industries in Greece and abroad.

Award of scholarships for distinction.

Organisation of series of seminars from distinguished scientists

Mobility of students to carry out diplomatic work at collaborating institutions, laboratories and industries as much within the country as abroad.

Emphasis on practical exercise and laboratories

Emphasis on education towards the research process and the generation of original knowledge and innovation.

Adoption of strict structures of evaluation and qualitative internal control.

Connections with industry and productive institutions

Introduction of business courses for the exploitation of research results.

Increased and intensive use of information technologies

The PPS is directed by the Professor of the Department of Physics Mr. Th. Karakota

II. Programme of Study

Course attendance is compulsory. Course attendance is compulsory. The courses last one semester(six months) and are structured into instructive units (modules), of formal duration 15-20 hours each. Teaching of instructive units is assigned to members of the Teaching and Research Staff or researchers of corresponding subject expertise. For graduation with M.Sc. 40 instructive units (IU) are required from which 5 are from the specialization and 8 from the diploma project.

1ο Semester (Introductory courses): All courses are compulsory.

They are offered by members of the Teaching and Research Staff of the Department of Physics at AUTH with the aim of introducing students to postgraduate level concepts and techniques necessary for the progression to specialised subjects. Also these courses even out the level of knowledge of graduates with differing backgrounds from other Departments and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS.

2ο semester (Core Courses): All courses are compulsory.

3ο semester (Specialization Courses, Entrepreneurship & Laboratory on Research Methodology - Begin Diploma Project): The students select a (1) laboratory - project and a (1) specialization. The Project constitutes an innovation of the programme. For their conduct, excellent and modern installations and high technology tools are provided. These are complex laboratorial courses with emphasis on the interaction of growth - treatment conditions with material attributes. The ration of teachers/taught is 1:1. Work on the Diploma Project is also begun in this semester period. Finally, during the 3rd semester period students are prepared for their integration into the job market with introductive courses on business entrepreneurship.

4ο semester : Dissertation.


Subjects for Dissertations are announced by the Secretariat of Department of Physics and on the webpage of the PPS during the month of November. Each Dissertation is publicly judged by a three-member examining committee of which at least two members are teachers of the PPS of the Physics depeartment. The Dissertation must contain original work.

Procedure of conducting a doctoral diploma :

A PhD in the framework of the PPS can be taken by holders of a M.Sc. degree in "Physics of Materials" or other relevant subjects. For postgraduate titles from Universities abroad a certificate of equivalence from the DIKATSA is required. For the PhD programme graduates are accepted from the PPS "Physics of Materials" and other relevant programmes of Greek and foreign HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS (a certificate of equivalence of the title of study from the DIKATSA is required). The proclamation of subjects is conducted by the Secretariat of the Department of Physics during the months of October, February and June. The proclamed subjects as well as information on their content are posted on the PPS webpage ( Graduates interested in PhD studies can address enquiries for further details to the Secretariat of the Department of Physics (tel: 0030 2310 998160):

The selection of candidates for PhD is conducted by the Coordinating Committee for Postgraduate Study of the Department of Physics. There follows a process of selection of the three-member advisory committee and submission of the thesis subject. The minimum duration for holders of a M.Sc. is three (3) years from the submission of the thesis subject.

III. Administrative Elements.


Director : Θ. Καρακώστας, Professor

Supervisor of Programme of Study: E. Paloura, Assistant Professor

Technical supervisor : Γ. Dimitrakopoulos, Dr.

Consultant : R.C.Pond, Professor

Academic evaluation & Knowledge transfer : Prof. T.D.Moustakas, Prof. G.Nouet, Prof. V.Pontikis.

External experts - Liaison : Dr. S. Poulou, Dr. F. Daskopoulos, Dr. A. Prakouras, H. Kassapouglou, G. Stavrou

Technical Support : Δρ. Μ.Aggelakeris, Dr. Μ. Katsikini, B. Gountsidou (M.Sc.), I. Kioseglou (M.Sc.)