Materials Physics and Technology

Post-graduate Program “Materials Physics & Technology”

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Materials Physics & Technology (MatPhy&Tech) is a research oriented post-graduate program that operates under the auspices of the School of Physics, A.U.Th. The interdisciplinary research field of MatPhy&Tech, that has grown rapidly worldwide over the past twenty years, is based on innovations hybridizing metallurgy, ceramics, solid-state physics, chemistry and biotechnology. In particular, it focuses on the development of novel materials with improved properties for the next generation of high-tech applications. It studies the basic properties of a wide range of materials, with emphasis on methods of growth and processing, the relationships between atomic structure, microstructure and macroscopic properties, and the performance of materials. The materials studied in the MSc Program curriculum include: electronic materials for applications in micro-, and optoelectronics, nanomaterials, biomaterials, ceramics, metals, magnetic materials, polymers and composites.

The maximum number of students admitted to the program is twenty (20)/year.  Applications are accepted in September and the courses start in mid-October.

To obtain their qualification from the interdisciplinary postgraduate program (MatPhy&Tech) the students have to fulfill the requirements of the 3 semester-long intensive program that corresponds to 90 ECTS.

The workload of each semester amounts to 30 ECTS.  The courses have modular structure which facilitates updating of the course content.  More specifically:
1st semester: the students take the following 5 core courses: “Materials Physical Properties”, “Materials Structure, Growth and Synthesis”, “Materials Characterization Techniques”, “Solid State Physics” and “Computational Methods in Materials Science”.  
2nd semester: the students have to take 4 obligatory courses (“Materials characterization laboratory”, "Industrial materials", "Materials optimization and selection methods, “Laboratory on training in research methodology” and 3 of the 8 offered elective courses. Erasmus+ internship is eligible as one of the elective courses.  
3rd semester: the students work solely on their Master Thesis, which is a piece of original research.  The M.Sc. Thesis is defended in public and is examined and graded by three examiners.  The graduates are encouraged to present their Thesis in National or International Conferences in order to improve their presentations skills in an audience and preferably in a foreign language (usually English).

Attending courses, laboratories and lectures is mandatory. The language of instruction is Greek with the exception of seminars and instruction by visiting lecturers from abroad which are held in English. Class notes and literature are either in English or Greek.

The students are encouraged to take advantage of the mobility via the ERASMUS+ exchange programs including internship.

The MatPhy&Tech aims at providing high quality interdisciplinary education and training in novel-materials issues, training growth methods, property characterization, selection and optimization of materials, business dexterity, technology administration and transfer.  The students are trained in the research labs of the School of Physics which include Electron Microscopy (TEM, SEM, AFM), XRD, Spectroscopy (e.g. FTIR, Raman), Thermal analysis, Magnetic materials & Nanomaterials for medical applications and Electrical characterization of semiconductors and microelectronic devices. Special attention is paid on student training on the development of research methodology and acquiring extended experimental experience.  Therefore, they are called to complete supervised laboratory courses on materials growth and characterization, a one-month-long project on research methodology and an original M.Sc. Thesis.  

The graduates of the M.Sc. program have a solid background in theory, experiment as well as computational skills which are necessary to understand and formulate advanced principles of materials and their applications, concern on environmental and societal issues and sustainable development. They can communicate their work in National or International Conferences, and they are capable of recording, analyzing and reporting scientific/engineering data.

Finally, the graduates are qualified as skilled scientific personnel for research institutions, industrial labs, the private sector and public service (Ministries, Middle/Secondary Schools, Technological Educational Institutes and private colleges). A significant percentage of the graduates, 35-40%, continue their studies towards a PhD degree in Greece or abroad while the majority of the graduates find jobs in practices that require high expertise.

The MatPhy&Tech M.Sc. applies an internal auditing scheme based on the platform of the quality assurance unit of A.U.Th. ( which complies with international standards.  


Contact information
Director:  Prof. M. Agelakeris, Please turn on Javascript in your browser, tel: +30 2310 998172
Administrative support: Ms. Ch. Metaxa,, tel: +30 2310 998027
Departmental Secretariat: Mr. G. Kaimakamis,, tel: +30 2310 998150