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Electronics Laboratory

Department of Electronics & Computers is located in two rooms in the first floor of the old building of Faculty of Science, which include offices and research laboratories (in the east side and in the middle of the building) and educational laboratory (in the west side in the front of D21 classroom). Also, two additional rooms are included in the second floor of the new building of School of Physics.

" Development of Electronics Systems

Educational facilities & equipment

  • Special laboratory rooms for teaching and practicing of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Laboratory equipment for practicing in electronics circuits and systems. The equipment for each student includes: power supply, function generator, oscilloscope, boxes with resistors and capacitors, integrated circuits and different parts, boards for assembling electronic circuits, etc.
  • Laboratory equipment for practicing in digital circuits and systems (microcontrollers, CPLDs, FPGAs). The equipment for each student includes: PC, development kit, software for developing applications and acquiring measurement results, integrated circuits and electronic parts, boards for assembling electronic circuits.

  • Facilities & equipment for research purposes
  • Laboratory equipment for measuring and analyzing low-frequency analog electronic circuits which includes function generators, oscilloscopes, voltmeters, power supplies etc.
  • Advanced equipment for measuring electronic circuits that includes spectrum analyzer, distortion meter (THD-meter), phase difference meter, frequency meters, equipment for measuring the characteristics of transistors and integrgated circuits etc.
  • Software for designing analog integrated circuits (Cadence, HSPICE).
  • Software for designing digital integrated circuits in FPGA and ASIC technology (Xilinx ISE, Synopsis).
  • Software for developing application specific processors (LISA).
  • Software for instrumentation and measurement applications (Labview).

  • Personal computers and other support facilities
  • PCs, Unix workstations (2 HP και 1 Sun), printers, scanners etc.

  • Laboratories
    Electronics Laboratory
    Digital Systems & Computers Laboratory

    Research Activity
    Measurement and Control Electronic Systems
    a. Analog/Mixed Integrated Circuits
    Digital Integrated Circuits & Systems