two-day workshop

4th Thessaloniki Student Symposium on Theoretical Physics - ΘεSSTP

22 Dec 2021TO23 Dec 2021Α31 Auditorium, School of Physics AUTh.

Some of the best students of our Department of Physics choose to study Theoretical Physics. Many of them continue their postgraduate studies outside Greece with considerable success.

At the Institute of Theoretical Physics, aiming to keep alive our connections with the young researchers that have started their studies in our Physics Department, we organise annually since 2018 the  Christmas Thessaloniki Student Symposium on Theoretical Physics.

In those workshops, our ex-undergraduate students who work abroad towards postgraduate and PhD degrees share with local faculty and students their new scientific experiences and present their research. They also receive important feedback regarding the current state of academic affairs in Greece and in Thessaloniki in particular.

The 4th Thessaloniki Student Symposium in Theoretical Physics (ΘεSSTP)  with be organised 22-23 December 2021 in the aphitheatre A31 of the School of Natural Sciences, AUTH, Thessaloniki.