Course information shown below is relevant to the 2012 Course Programme which affects students enrolled in the School of Physics from the academic year 2012-2013 until 2022-2023.

Students who have joined in different academic years should refer to the 2022 Course Programme or the printable Course Programme Study Guides for information about the courses available to them.

ΓΘΕ208 Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves – Antennas – Microwaves74
ΓΘΕ205 Quantum Mechanics III74
ΣΥΕ204Crystal Structure and Applications74
ΗΥΕ201Digital systems74
ΓΘΕ203Fluid Mechanics74
ΜΑΕ202Mathematical Methods of Physics II74
ΕΦΕ203Non-Linear Circuits74
ΠΣΕ501Nuclear Physics Laboratory II74
ΔΨΕ501Physics Teaching Laboratory74
ΣΥΕ206Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Devices74
ΑΑΕ103Planetary Systems and Space Exploration74
ΓΘΕ206Theoretical Statistical Solid State Physics74
ΑΜΕ701Thesis - Introduction to Research Methodology78
ΑΑΕ102 Cosmology84
ΠΣΕ206Accelerators and Detectors in Nuclear and Particle Physics84
ΑΠΕ102Atmospheric Diffusion and Dispersion84
ΑΠΕ101Atmospheric Technology84
ΓΘΕ214Computational Physics of Materials84
ΗΥΕ202Computer architecture84
ΗΤΕ501Electronic Circuits Laboratory84
ΠΣΕ207Experimental Foundation of Elementary Particle Physics84
ΓΘΕ210General Theory of Relativity84
ΕΠΕ101Global Environmental Changes84
ΓΘΕ211Introduction to Ionized Gas Physics (Plasma Physics)84
ΕΦΕ202Linear Circuits84
ΣΥΕ205Magnetic Materials and Applications84
ΠΣΕ101Nuclear theory topics84
ΓΘΕ209Quantum Optics - Laser84
ΓΘΕ204Quantum Physics Problems84
ΒΙΕ201Radiation Physics and Applications of Radioisotopes84
ΑΑΕ101Radio Astronomy – Astronomy at Non-Optical Wavelengths84
ΣΥΕ402Solid State Physics Laboratory84
ΑΜΕ701Thesis - Introduction to Research Methodology88
Erasmus+ course

Students have to succeed in examinations in all Compulsory and a total of 12 Elective courses, which should be distributed as follows:

  • 4 Basic Elective courses
  • 3 Generic Elective courses
  • 3 Specialized Elective courses
  • 2 courses from Specialized and/or Generic groups