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Calculating the global 3D magnetic field in the solar corona

29 Jun 202313:00
Argyrios Koumtzis
Max Plank Institute for Solar System Research


The Solar Orbiter mission, during its extended phase, will give us the unique opportunity to obtain glimpses of the solar poles for the first time. The highly tilted trajectory of the spacecraft outside the ecliptic plane enables high-quality observations of the polar magnetic field. While numerous models exist to predict the magnetic field in polar regions, this mission will provide new data to validate these models. To leverage this valuable information, we have developed a novel code for calculating the three-dimensional magnetic field in the solar corona. Our code employs a Yin-Yang grid to address convergence issues encountered at the poles. Consequently, utilizing the new magnetic field data as boundary conditions, we aim to compute the global coronal magnetic field, encompassing the previously unexplored polar regions. To validate our code, we initially test it using a semi-analytical solution with synthetic boundary conditions derived from this solution. Subsequently, we employ currently available data to reconstruct the magnetic field in the corona. Our extrapolations successfully capture various features observed on the Sun, including the locations of coronal holes and coronal loops. We are waiting for the Solar Orbiter data hopping that we can use our code to answer open research questions in solar physics like the open flux problem.