Seminars in the Section of AAM

Black holes, accretion disks, and radiation

18 May 2023Observatory Lab, A.U.Th.
Leela E. Koutsantoniou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


In this talk, we start by briefly discussing our research and its targets. We then present the essential physics in order to study radiation and strong gravity environments. We additionally survey the assorted models for accretion disks orbiting black holes or other massive objects. We then discuss each one of our algorithms and examine their results while running them. First, we inspect the code “Omega”, which is responsible for solving geodesic equations of motion for massless or massive particles. We employ this program here to study photon trajectories near Schwarzschild or Kerr black holes. We continue on to code “Infinity” that sets an observer in a black hole - accretion disk system. The target scans the sky around it and records the intensity of the incoming radiation. Further on, we examine code “Elysium”, which studies accretion disks around compact objects situated “at infinity”. Subsequently, we discuss the code “Tranquillity” that constructs inclination-divergence plots. Its extension then attempts to use observation-like data in order to provide an estimation of the central black hole spin. Afterward, we investigate code “Burning Arrow” that recalculates the material motion, while taking radiation into consideration. Finally, we explore the interconnection between our study, our results, and observational data.