MSc Materials Physics and Technology Colloquia

An invention is not an Innovation – Achieving the 3 Milestones to successful technological commercialisation

03 Apr 202312:00


It is important to distinguish between an "Invention" and an "Innovation". While the former is the elucidation and proof of concept of a particular technological idea (which may or may not have any eventual value), the latter is a product (or service) with clear value available to industry or the market. The conversion of the former to the latter is a transformative process with specific stages and milestones. While most technologies will require a few years to reach commercialisation, some, if market-pulled sufficiently, can reach the market much quicker. The talk will present a brief description of the Technology Transfer process with emphasis on the need for protection to ensure optimum valorisation of the innovation and the importance of successfully completing the three critical milestones. Methods for evaluating a technology as well as the various funding sources available in Europe will also be covered briefly.