Clusters in Nuclear Matter and Heavy Nuclei

11 Jan 202212:00pm
Stefan Typel
Technical University of Darmstadt

From this academic year (2021-2022) a series of seminars / lectures is established, by faculty members and researchers from both Greece and from abroad, within the postgraduate program of Computational Physics.

The establishment of the seminars aims at the extroversion of the Master Programme and the main goal is the contact of the postgraduate students with researchers working on contemporary issues of Physics, Biology, Mathematics, etc. but also their applications.

The lectures will be of general interest but, when this is possible, they will also be able to focus on various computational methods that are useful in modern research.

The lectures will be done with the help of zoom or google meet and will obviously be open to undergraduate students but also to the other faculty members  of our Department and not only.

The third web talk entitled

Clusters in Nuclear Matter and Heavy Nuclei

will be given on Tuesday, January  11 2022 at 12:00 by Stefan Typel (Technical University of Darmstadt) through this link.