Seminars in the Section of AAM

Hybrid Modeling of Pulsar Magnetospheres

22 Nov 201912:00Observatory Lab
Contopoulos Ioannis, Academy of Athens


We will summarize our investigation of particle acceleration in the pulsar magnetosphere. We will present an iterative hybrid approach that self-consistently combines ideal force-free electrodynamics in the bulk of the magnetosphere with particle acceleration along the equatorial current sheet. We derive analytic approximations for the orbits of the particles, and obtain the structure of the magnetosphere for various values of the pair-formation multiplicity parameter. We show that realistic magnetospheres are practically indistinguishable from the ideal force-free one, and therefore, the calculation of the spectrum of high-energy radiation must be based on analytic approximations for the accelerating electric field in the current sheet, and NOT on global PIC numerical simulations.