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Student Christmas Workshop 2018


  • Institute of Theoretical Physics
  • School of Physics,
  • Aristotle University odf Thessaloniki

Starts at: 20 December 2018
14:00 - 18:00


Some of the best students at our Department of Physics choose to study Theoretical Physics. Almost the entirety of those continue their postgraduate studies abroad. This is a typical case of Brain Drain.

At the Institute of Theoretical Physics we believe that there is a continuity in the notions of Education, Progress and Scientific Achievement for each individual pursuing an academic career. In this context we organise the Christmas 2018 Student Workshop inviting our former students who are currently working abroad towards postgraduate degrees and PhD’s. They will share with the local faculty and students their new scientific experiences and will present their accomplishments. They will get back important feedback regarding the current state of academic affairs in Thessaloniki. We strongly believe that such a meeting will be mutually beneficial on many different levels.