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19th International Conference on Extended Defects in Semiconductors

Starts at: 24 June 2018
Ends at: 29 June 2018

EDS2018, in line with the tradition setup by previous conferences in these series, aims at providing a global vision of research activities in this scientific area. It focuses on the needs stemming from technological bottlenecks related to structural defects that affect the functionality of innovative devices. Attention will be given to present day and future nanostructured semiconductors. Plenary, invited and highlight talks combined with contributing talks and posters will structure a technical program such as to cover a variety of hot topics and thereby to target a broad range of emerging semiconducting materials as given in the following non-exhaustive list: 
  • Poly-, Micro- and Nanocrystalline group-IV semiconductors 
  • III-V and II-VI compound semiconductors and alloys 
  • III-nitrides and alloys 
  • 2D layered semiconductots 
  • Carbon-based semiconductors (e.g. diamond, graphene etc.) 
  • Magnetic semiconductor 
  • Conducting oxides 
  • Thermoelectric semiconductors 
Oral and poster sessions are scheduled. Each poster session will begin with oral presentations of each contribution summarizing the key aspects of the work. You should login and submit your abstract following the link, where you may find all relevant information regarding the submission process.

Submitted papers of the EDS2018 will be published following peer review in the Open Access/Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS)/, which is part of IOP Conference Series<>. All papers published in IOP Conference Series are fully citable and upon publication will be free to download in perpetuity. 

Philomela Komninou, Chairperson EDS2018